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Spa-concept is recommended for specialists working for SPA centers, salons, resorts and hotels.

The main emphasis of the techniques is placed on relaxation, removal of fatigue and recovery of stamina.

Based on the SPA-therapy principles, these treatments have consistent and coordinated influence upon all systems of the organism. Each of the techniques provides a defined therapeutic impact in its own right and can be used as a separate massage; but being combined into a coherent care they may have a really prodigious healing effect.

Participants qualify for our International Diploma in SPA-therapy.

The program includes:

  • Psychosomatic face and body massage;
  • Myostructural face and body massage (Yoga-massage);
  • Revitalizing hand & foot massage;
  • Kinesio head massage.

Psychosomatic face and body massage

Psychosomatic massage has a pronounced calming and antidepressant effect, reduces the severity of stress and anxiety, restores sleep and fills the client’s body with a sense of sensual comfort. This massage is based on alternating strokes and compressions of various shapes and depths. These movements involve various reflex zones of the face and body into the overall ensemble, which forms an unusual flow of sensations. The client is put into a state similar to a hypnotic trance when his subconscious is opened. This state is often used by psychotherapists to correct psycho-somatic problems.

Indications: distress syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, psychosomatic diseases, headaches and muscle pain, insomnia.

Goals: restore sleep, relieve neuromuscular tension, fatigue and pain, reduce increased emotional lability, increase resistance to stress factors, prevent psychosomatic diseases.

Myostructural facial massage

Massage is aimed at relaxing muscle tissue, which is in a state of tension and spasticity. As a rule, problems such as pain, impaired mobility, dystrophic changes and premature age-related changes are associated with prolonged muscle spasticity.

Myostructural facial massage is very gentle, but at the same time deeply affects the tense mimic muscles of the face, the spasm of which leads to the formation of mimic wrinkles. Relieving tension from mimic muscles and improving their blood circulation, we even out the relief of the face and stimulate the processes of restoration, regeneration and tissue lifting. Prevention of early aging, especially among young clients who lead an active lifestyle, is considered as one of the main tasks of muscle relaxation facial massage. Myostructural massage is very important for relieving tension from the neck-collar zone. This technique has a deep reflex effect on the entire body as a whole, especially on the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Actively prevents early age-related changes and normalizes metabolic processes in tissues.