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We would like to invite you to massage training seminars and master-classes developed by MANUALISTIC Aesthetics School for professionals, as well as for those who still think of devoting themselves to our great profession.

The central idea of our school is to re-associate the work of a massage master with prestige, demand and success, to transform it into a multifaceted art, of course, keeping in mind the responsibility for our clients’ wellbeing.

We combine scientific approach of Western medicine with the experience and knowledge of the traditional medico-philosophical schools of the East. We have developed our own teaching techniques that proved to be most informative, comprehensible and efficient.

We offer several training programmes dealing with a wide range of contemporary aesthetic and medical issues. These are designed for different levels of professional knowledge and previous experiences. The programmes are flexible: you can choose your own set of programmes and sequence of seminars in each programme. From our part, we can help you to compile an optimal study plan that would correspond with your current qualifications, skills and experience.

But even if you don’t have much of that, we also offer a special course designed for those with no basic medical training or experience in massage.

Tuition can take following form:

  • Classes in a well equipped studio in one of our representative offices (currently in Krakow, Paris, London, Prague and Moscow);
  • ‘Field’ seminars and master-classes at renowned SPA and resorts of the world;
  • Staff training for large-scale SPA and resorts on their premises.

These are the programmes we offer:

SPA CONCEPT Programme is recommended for specialists working for SPA centers, salons, resorts and hotels.

The main emphasis of the techniques is placed on relaxation, removal of fatigue and recovery of stamina.

Based on the SPA-therapy principles, these treatments have consistent and coordinated influence upon all systems of the organism. Each of the techniques provides a defined therapeutic impact in its own right and can be used as a separate massage; but being combined into a coherent care they may have a really prodigious healing effect.

Participants qualify for our International Diploma in SPA-therapy.

The program includes:

  • Psychosomatic face and body massage;
  • Relaxing myofascial face and body massage (Yoga-massage);
  • Revitalizing hand & foot massage;
  • Kinesio head massage.

AESTHETIC CONCEPT Programme will be of interest to cosmetologists and massage therapists of beauty salons, cosmetic clinics, health centres, and private practitioners. The techniques of this program have more selective impact upon particular systems of organs and tissues and achieve more definite aesthetic and therapeutic results. They are often included into programs of medical rehabilitation and used as supplementary correction methods for many pathologic conditions. Higher level of professional qualification and work experience are required from those wishing to study on this program.

Participants qualify for International Diploma in Body Aesthetics.

Program for cosmetologists includes: Program for massage therapists includes:
– Myoplastic face massage; – Myotonic body massage;
– Lymphodrainage face massage; – Lympho-drainage body massage;
– Dermoplastic face massage;

– Transbuccal face massage

– Anti-cellulites body massage.


is designed for those with higher level of professional qualifications and work experience. It is recommended for rehabilitologists, physiotherapists, manual therapists, nurses. These techniques focus on specific problems of particular body zones, or are applied in cases of complications or exacerbations risk. Participants qualify for International Specialist Diploma.

The program includes:

  • Breast massage;
  • Deep tissue back massage;
  • Massage for pregnancy.

TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES Programme is based on the knowledge and traditions of massage and therapy schools of the East, India and China in particular. These techniques obey holistic principles closely linked with spiritual practices. They complement SPA and AESTHETIC Programmes and are recommended for both professional and general amateur audience.

Upon completion of each seminar, pupils are eligible for the International Certificate of MANUALISTIC Aesthetics School (Czech Republic).

Head of school and senior tutor – Doctor Sergey Shchurevich