A few words about the phytoestrogens!

In recent years there have been a lot of speculation on the topic of phytoestrogens from both their opponents and supporters. I would like to summarize the latest data from biological research which are available today. It is necessary for a more informed and competent judgment on this subject, primarily in professional circles. Phytoestrogens is […]

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Green energy of the planet

Extraordinary massage oil for face and body, which has a wide range of valuable cosmetic properties. The main active component of the oil is dried powder from the juice of the barley sprouts and Tamanu oil. This oil contains the juice of barley seedlings affected by freeze-drying and keep all the nutrients and beneficial properties […]

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Scientific foundations of thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy (from others. Gr. Thalassa – Sea and therapia – treatment) – one of the areas of alternative medicine, considering the healing properties of coastal climate, sea water, seaweed, sea mud and other marine products.       Life came out of the world’s oceans 600 million years ago, but not completely lost touch with […]

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