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Extraordinary massage oil for face and body, which has a wide range of valuable cosmetic properties. The main active component of the oil is dried powder from the juice of the barley sprouts and Tamanu oil.

This oil contains the juice of barley seedlings affected by freeze-drying and keep all the nutrients and beneficial properties of barley seedlings. Seedlings of cereals are an extremely valuable source of protein, vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll, macro- and microelements. In barley seedlings in total contains 17 amino acids including essential: leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, valine, histidine, phenylalanine. A distinctive feature of the amino acid composition of protein is a high barley content of glutamine, proline, asparagine and leucine. This combination of amino acids confer product good affinity to the skin and conditioning effect. Noteworthy significant content of folic acid, which is characteristic for young tissues with high mitotic activity. Several studies strongly suggests that folic acid has PHOTOPROTECTIVE properties, increasing cell viability under UV izluchieniya and promotes regeneration of UV-damaged skin, affecting the repair of damaged DNA. Externally, the inclusion of folic acid cream (4 weeks of using 0.03% folic acid) manifests an increase in indicators of hydration, reduced trans-epidermal water loss. In addition, the extract contains barley vegetable version of superoxide dismutase (SOD) – a unique component of antioxidant protection. As part of cosmetics SOD inactivates free radicals generated during inflammatory reatsiya, lets start lipid peroxidation of the skin to UV radiation, hindered the process of glycation of collagen, thereby acting as an anti-age component, preventing the process of “aging” of collagen fibers. The high content of natural forms of tocopherols, vitamin C and carotenoids, together with the presence of superoxide dismutase plant, suggests extract of barley cosmetic product with significant multilateral and antioxidant activity. The high content of chlorophyll in the extract of barley provides antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It is believed that the local use of chlorophyll promotes regeneration and healing of tissues, stimulates cell renewal, provides tonic, refreshing effect on the skin. Antimicrobial, antioxidant properties of cereal seedlings, as well as a unique, rich in amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll composition makes extensive use of the extract of barley under the following conditions: • to improve the age, the aging of the skin; • as an additive for skin care after sun exposure; • As PHOTOPROTECTIVE additives in daily cosmetics; • in cosmetics for dull, lifeless skin with uneven tone; • in combination to improve the “smoker’s skin”; • in the complex to improve skin with acne. Furthermore, these properties enable its use in a variety of vehicles for the hair; in different types of seborrhea, dull, brittle, lifeless hair, accelerated hair loss. The US Congress in 2010. its law flaw barley from the list of food and made it to the list of medicinal products! Another unique component of the product is Tamanu oil (Calophyllum inophyllum). Since time immemorial, Tamanu oil has been the most famous tool for the treatment of leprosy. In 1918 Tamanu considered so strong medicated oil that the French Pharmacopoeia conducted studies and clinical trials, using Tamanu oil not only as an external agent, but also oral and injectable. Polynesian Tamanu tree was considered sacred, and planted it in the sacred groves Marae. The more we study its properties, the more it grabs our attention. It is a transport oil with extremely diverse therapeutic effect. Acceleration of healing of skin: – Researchers in the Journal of Cosmetic Science (Journal of Cosmetic Sciences), presenting a paper entitled “Tamanu oil – African, Asian, Polynesian and Pacific panacea”, drew attention to the following – Tamanu oil is traditionally used in folk medicine for healing wounds, thermal damage to the skin . It has been proven that the oil has healing properties due kalofillolidov and inofillolidov. These materials in combination with another class of polyphenols, substances responsible for this effect. This allows us to suggest that it should be a great tool for the recovery of the skin, in particular, to prevent premature photoaging of the skin. The European Journal of Pharmacological Sciences (European Journal of Pharmacological Science, edition of 30 March 2007), the French researchers published in Paris a work entitled “tsitoprotektornoe effect against UV-induced DNA damage and oxidative effects: the role of new biological UV filters.” It was found that the oil acts as tamanu cytoprotective agents against oxidative DNA damage and exposure (85% of DNA damage induced by UV-radiation, were prevented tamanu 1% oil). Thus, the oil tamanu manifested itself as an antioxidant and a cytoprotectant and therefore may serve as the first natural UV filter in ophthalmic preparations. Antitumor activity. In a study of 4-fenilkumarinov extracted from oil Taman, as agents for cancer chemoprevention, published in Cancer Letters (2001, August 10), in the search for antitumor agents spent primary screening. All of the compounds tested in this study showed antitumor aktvnost, without showing any cytotoxicity. Calocoumarin-A showed higher activity than any other tested compound. Moreover, calocoumarin-A showed a pronounced inhibitory effect on the growth of skin tumors during the two-stage test kantserogeneznogo in vivo (natural conditions). Thus, it is concluded that the components are present in the natural oil “may be valuable as potential drugs for the prevention of cancer (tumor growth inhibition).” Tamanu oil is particularly recommended: – Burns (both solar chemical or physical); – For the treatment of wounds (diabetic ulcers and surgical wounds, helps equalize postoperative, keloid scars, stretch marks removal); – For most dermatoses, skin allergies, psoriasis, herpes; – As one of the key oil for acne, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and Smooth edges of action; – With hemorrhoids, anal fissures; – To care for cracked, dry, prone to the formation of burrs skin. Tamanu oil contains ingredients that restore and rejuvenate skin tissue. The main active ingredients are kalofillolidy Tamanu oil (natural neoflavanoidy, which are natural antibiotics and reduce inflammation), kalofillievaya acid (stimulates the healing process) and inofillolidy (different antiviral properties). Due to its astringent and regenerating properties, Tamanu oil is perfect not only for the speedy healing of surgical sutures after operations and help equalize the old post-operative, keloid scars. As well, Taman can be used to remove stretch marks, both fresh and old. This oil is at a long-term use can actually help restore damaged skin texture. Tamanu oil has a significant analgesic effect and is traditionally used massage to relieve the symptoms of neuralgia, neuritis, arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. Meet the highest requirements of eco-standards. Do not contain parabens, silicones, mineral oils and GMOs.

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