Scientific foundations of thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy (from others. Gr. Thalassa – Sea and therapia – treatment) – one of the areas of alternative medicine, considering the healing properties of coastal climate, sea water, seaweed, sea mud and other marine products.

      Life came out of the world’s oceans 600 million years ago, but not completely lost touch with him, as it might seem. When the first living organism appeared in the open space of a hostile land, the only condition for its existence was the constancy of its internal environment, which is nothing but a particle of the ocean. Surrounded himself with a semi-permeable outer shell our distant ancestor began its long journey of evolution on earth. A similar story is repeated every one of us in the process of fetal development and further birth. Repeating the process of ontogenesis all stages in the evolution of its kind, we carry out the primary particle Biosphere broth in my body. And for the next life this micro-ocean within us – our internal environment, connecting us with all life on earth is a prerequisite of our existence. Peak of evolution – a reasonable man can be born and lived all his life away from the sea it never without seeing, and of course without knowing how much his life is connected with it. But surely the life of humanity as a whole and the individual in particular is largely dependent on the micro and macro environment of the seas and oceans of our planet, from its minerals, plants and animals. Most in need of our internal ocean, maintaining homeostasis which we are engaged in lifelong learning.

      Over time, our own ocean is depleted, shallower and loses its pristine purity, which leads to disruption of metabolism, toxicity and early degradation of organs and tissues (aging). Therefore, on how clean and our constant internal environment depends not only appearance, but the quality and duration of life in general. Healthy and nutritious food – is largely a guarantee of life. But not always a modern man in the cycle of everyday worries can allow themselves the luxury of proper nutrition. Finding solutions to these problems, we often forget, and sometimes do not realize that the most valuable source of biologically active compounds, trace elements and minerals to compensate for the loss of our inner world is the ocean. The main feature of products derived from the seas and oceans, is their high bioavailability and energy value. Perfectly balanced mineral composition close to the mineralization serum maximizes physiologically compensate for a deficiency of trace elements. These features were the main reason for the rapid development of such a trend in medicine and cosmetology as thalassotherapy.

       Thalassotherapy (from others. Gr. Thalassa – Sea and therapia – treatment) – one of the areas of alternative medicine, considering the healing properties of coastal climate, sea water, seaweed, sea mud and other marine products. The term “thalassotherapy” was introduced in 1867 by the French physician Joseph de la Bonnardière town of Arcachon on the Atlantic coast. Since the essence of the method thalassotherapy not changed, but improved methods of extraction and use of the biologically active components from marine organisms. Over many years of human experience and research has been allocated a few dozen of the most valuable species of marine algae. Particularly noteworthy family fucus their class kelp, which feature a unique biochemical composition.

The healing properties of seaweed fucus family have long been known, but scientifically prove the effectiveness of Fucus was possible only in the XX century. The main medicinal properties of fucus associated with high content of polysaccharide fucoidan unique and powerful antioxidant fucoxanthin, which Japanese kelp regularly include in your diet, bind the highest duration of his life on the planet. Fucoidan – a unique polysaccharide which is about 4% of the total weight of the dried seaweed. The substance was first discovered in 1913 by Professor Killeen at the University of Uppsala (Sweden). Due to the high content of fucoidan kelp, such as Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus), Fucus (Fucus vesiculosus) have the ability to prevent the development of cancer, as well as provide immunomodulatory effects.

Evidence of anticancer activity of fucoidan According to the Biomedical Research Laboratory Takara Shuzo and research institutes Glikotehnology, fucoidan contained in brown algae, causing self-destruction of rapidly dividing cancer cells. This phenomenon is called self-destruction of cells by apoptosis. Apoptosis is a genetically programmed cell death mechanism. Under certain conditions, triggers apoptosis gene cells self-destruct mechanism, and the last die. This is a natural process by which the body gets rid of unwanted cells. Apoptosis is different from necrosis, which is the inevitable death of damaged cells by external influences. Notably, fucoidan, causing self-destruction of cancer cells without such effect on healthy cells. Currently, research continues into this unique phenomenon.

Fucoidan – the strongest immunoukreplyayuschee means! Fucoidan has a strong immunomodulatory effect, reducing allergic reactions of the body and strengthening the anti-pathogenic response. The main active components contained in the algae are sulfated polysaccharides. Most studies have shown that sulfated polysaccharides enhance the natural immune response through activation of macrophages and NK-cells. They also found that fucoidan increases the production of interleukin-12 and interferon. Interleukin-12 also activates the production of interferon by T-lymphocytes and natural killer cells. Interferon is a lymphokine (bioactive agent), produced by lymphocytes. This is a hard worker who is not only an effective attack viruses and cancer cells, but also activates macrophages and natural killer cells. For reference, interferon is widely used as a drug to treat chronic hepatitis C and renal cancer.

The National Library of Medicine is stored more than 1,000 published scientific articles about the benefits of fucoidan health of the human body. Studies have shown that fucoidan has immunoukreplyayuschimi, anticoagulant, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-complementary properties, as well as the ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels and improve the work of the stomach.

Fucoidan exhibits an extremely wide range of biological activities:

1. anticoagulant and antithrombotic effect.

2. Antiviral action.

3. Antitumor effect.

5. Immunomodulatory effect.

6. Antioxidant action.

7. Reduction in blood lipid.

8. Anti-inflammatory effect.

9. The normalization of the stomach.

10. The normalization of liver function.

11. Improving the operation of the urinary tract with uropathy.

12. Enhancement of renal blood flow in patients with renal insufficiency.

13. Lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

14. The regulation of blood pressure.

15. Reduction in blood sugar levels.

16. excretion of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

17. Improve hair growth.

18. Moisturize skin.

19. Inhibition of HIV.

20. The suppression of the virus Herpes simplex.

Another important chemical component of brown algae is a pigment fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin – a powerful antioxidant from the carotenoid group. Like any carotenoid (beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene) it protects cells from UV exposure, binds free radicals, preventing lipid peroxidation and premature aging of the skin. Inside the body of free radicals damage the tissues and the immune system. They weaken and even destroy the cells and the structure of DNA. Scientists believe that DNA damage is a major cause of aging. DNA – a unique structure that tells cells when they divide, how to produce enzymes and other of proteins. DNA was also in command of all other cellular activities. If DNA damage, cells cease to operate normally, leading to a variety of problems and diseases. DNA damage can “fix”, but if the process is “fix” being wrong can begin rapid division of cancer cells. Our immune system sometimes she copes with the suppression of cancer cells, but, of course, it is better not to lead to extremes in advance and prevent DNA damage.

Antioxidants have the ability to destroy free radicals in order not to have the danger of destruction of cells. The most notable is the fact that carotenoids extracted from algae in dozens or even hundreds of times are more powerful antioxidants than their vegetable counterparts. Furthermore, they have a higher bioavailability for the enzymatic systems of the human body to such carotenoids fucoxanthin addition, may include astaxanthin derived from unicellular green algae – Haematococcus Pluvialis. According to a recent study of Japanese scientists, led by prof.

Kanazawa University of Kobe, fucoxanthin has Strongest influence on a number of enzyme systems in the body. It has been found inhibitory effect on enzymes: collagenase, elastase, hyaluronidase that destroy connective tissue structures (collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid) and are of fundamental importance in the process of skin aging. With age, the activity of these enzymes increased, and it is activated when any stress of the skin, including exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which leads to a weakening of the tone and turgor of the skin. Also marked inhibitory effect on the enzyme tirazinazu which is responsible for melanin synthesis. This is manifested pronounced clarifying effect on areas of skin pigmentation. Against this background, much work activated fibroblasts and extracellular matrix synthesis fresh. Of great interest is the overwhelming influence of fucoxanthin on bacterial lipase which causes the breakdown of triglycerides of sebum and supports the inflammatory reaction in the skin with acne. As a result, a marked regenerating, clarifying and healing effect on the skin fucoxanthin. In addition to rejuvenate and improve skin elasticity fucoxanthin prevents the development of skin diseases such as psoriasis, keratoderma, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis. At the level of the subcutaneous tissue and internal organs fucoxanthin stimulates lipolysis. Penetration into the body fucoxanthin stimulates special UCP1 protein in adipose tissue enveloping the internal organs. Through activation of mitochondria in adipocytes stimulates protein UCP1 “burning” of visceral fat and promotes correction. Fucoxanthin also significantly lowers glucose and lipid levels in blood. This makes it a very promising fucoxanthin component in the complex therapy for metabolic syndrome, including diabetes. All these facts reveal vast horizons in the use of this class of algae in medicine and cosmetology.

This prompted researchers from the biological center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pay attention to the unique stocks seaweeds in the White Sea. Long polar day provides an active photosynthesis and allows for a short summer algae accumulate the maximum margin of biologically active substances. So the content of fucoidan reaches record 13%, higher global standards by more than 3 times. Biochemical activity of seaweeds in the human body depends on the method of processing and application. In addition, on the basis of long-term studies have shown that the isolated pure and devoid of the usual biochemical environment of the active ingredient in vivo (in the body of animals and humans) manifests itself much less effective than in combination with other optional components of its natural environment with native, t. e. in a more complicated (“rough”) extract.

Russian scientists have managed to create technologies that will reveal the algal cells without the use of chemicals and high temperatures. They managed to make the most affordable full range of biopolymers, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients that are so necessary to restore and maintain the health of the body. And it’s complicated molecular structure of algal cells retain their activity and pristine form. It was important not only to get the latest product that meets the highest requirements of the experts, but also to come up with a way to more active delivery of active components in the tissues of the body, when it comes to outdoor use. Applying the principles in their practice complex thalassotherapy, I came to a very effective and the least expensive cost model used in almost all thalasso therapeutic agents. In his model, external application of algae I rely on basic physical and chemical laws. On the skin surface creates vysokoosmoticheskaya environment with high temperature and humidity, which contributes to a more active and long-term diffusion of biologically active substances and trace elements into the skin. These conditions are formed by a dense-binding sites of a body covered with a layer of algal gel polymer osmotic film. In addition to the special microclimate that occurs between the film and the skin, we connect to the procedure of special massage technique that is performed directly on the film. Such a deep massage stimulates microcirculation and lymph flow, which is several times increases the efficiency of the overall detoxification and drainage. I called this method “biosmotichesky detox massage”, ie means a dual osmotic effects on tissues by themselves as algae and by highly specific massage. Trace elements contained in algae substantially change the colloid osmotic balance in the interstitial tissue of the skin, enhancing the process of reabsorption (reuptake) of free liquid with decay products and toxins from the intercellular space in the microvessels. Special massage techniques that we connect immediately contribute to an efficient flow generated by the primary lymph and blood from the capillaries toward the large main vessels and then to the heart. By combining the principle of synergy and thalassotherapy, and massages, we get not only a more pronounced and faster results, but also significantly reduces the list of contraindications. For example, we can take on a similar procedure in patients with varicose veins in the early stages after plastic surgery, liposuction and angioplasty. In such cases, the osmotic film isolates the problem areas of the body from direct contact with hands, acting as a buffer environment, and contributes to a more gentle and painless effects of massage manipulations. Procedure biosmoticheskogo detox massage is recommended for tissue regeneration after any traumatic exposure during intoxication drugs (antibiotics, chemotherapy), a general decline in immunity, obesity, chronic edema, age-related changes. It can be local to the areas of hotel – the face, abdomen, legs, and general – only the body, but with mandatory supervision and general well-being, taking into account all the possible contraindications. Local biosmotichesky detox massage is most often used in cosmetics to areas of face, neck and decollete. It is an essential element of rehabilitation programs for the field of plastic surgery, contouring and mesolifting. For patients with pronounced vascular pattern on the skin (rosacea), this procedure will be almost the only possible because it eliminates all the traumatic effect of massage on the fragile capillaries.

It is obvious that for the system and maximize the effects on the body, any therapy should be carried out by external and internal use of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs. This condition applies fully and thalassotherapy. We call this condition the principle of homologous sinnergizma.

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