Congress LNE in Poland, 14-15 May 2011

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In the framework of the international congress on aesthetics, held annually in Krakow in the month of may, took place on two of the report of dr. Sergey Shchurevich on topical issues of aesthetic cosmetology. The first report was dedicated to the issues of correction of aesthetic violations in the field of a stomach. After that was presented by the author’s program of intensive massage of the “Flat belly”, which works with a wide range of problems from the fat of the hypertrophy of up to age and the post-natal atony and postoperative scars. The second report was devoted to the therapeutic method “Deep massage of the back, which in a greater degree oriented to physical therapists. It is discussed in detail the decision of the three major syndromes, faced by experts: the pain, the change of posture, a violation of mobility. In conclusion of the congress, a press-conference with the participation of the most authoritative in Poland specialists in the field of massage. Discussed a wide range of issues related to the role that иглал and will play a manual massage in cosmetology and in general in medicine, as well as prospects of development of the science of massage in the future.

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